Friday, September 16, 2011

Episode 2 Mayweather Vs Ortiz Preview with Bert Sugar

Download The MP3 Here

Almost fight time, but before the bell rings let's get a preview from Bert Randolph Sugar. I had the pleasure of writing for Bert's Boxing Illustrated from 1989 to 1994 and whenever in town for a big fight, I always make sure to spend time with my good friend.

You'll also hear Bert's thought's on the Klitchko brothers and various thoughts on HBO's 24/7 show, and his dislike for MMA bouts (of which I disagree ;))


  1. Great to see this type of content from a comics guy (maybe you started out as a boxing guy?). Poor Klitschkos, can't get no love. It's a shame Vitali (and Wladimir for that matter) entered as the last great heavyweight era waned, would've liked to see them run the gamut of Holyfield, Bowe, Tyson, and even guys like Tua and Golota.

    In comics I'm a big Chris Bachalo, Grant Morrison, and Pasqual Ferry fan, among others. It's a big shame there's been no Morrison focus on the comics podcasts - I've heard there's some sort of DC embargo, maybe you could get Tim Callahan on the podcast?

    In combat sports, Shogun Rua and Miguel Cotto are my favorites, 1 and 1a. Big Nog is #2.